Thoughtworks Systems was founded in 2013 with a vision to play a dominant role in Enterprise Solutions. TWS leadership team is a seasoned group of technology veterans and business leaders with over three decades of combined experiences from HP, CISCO, EMC, VMWare, Data Centre and VMWare. Understanding the customer needs and pain points of SMB/SME as well as large scale enterprises, management team brings extensive, real world experiences in enterprise scale IT solutions and cloud applications

EUC Solutions and TWS have planned for joint ventures to handle infrastructure and EUC projects.

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Commercial IT Pvt. limited was founded in August 2018 with great enthusiasm and dedication to contribute to country's IT Sector.  The company Commercial IT Pvt. Limited culture has grown out of the understanding that customers are their primary concern and is led by seasoned professionals.

EUCSOL and Commercial IT Pvt. limited will co-operate and build strategic partnerships on End-user computing projects.